Dental Exam NYCRecently there has been coverage in many mass market media outlets about a recently published study linking dental x-rays to a certain kind of brain tumor. If you would like to look at this closely for yourself, you may see the original research published here. Or you may read the synopsis of it by the American Dental Association here.

While this study is a good first step to point toward areas for further research, there is little in this study to raise concern. While the study looked at the most common type of brain tumor, most of these tumors are benign (non-cancerous) and otherwise cause no symptoms in many patients. The study was examining the effect of x-ray exposure over the past few decades, using equipment that is now antiquated and exposed patients to radiation levels many times that of the levels of current technology. Additionally, the correlation between x-rays and these tumors relied on patients remembering when, how often, and what type of dental x-rays they had over the course of their lives. It seems a reasonable question about how reliable such data could be.

Regardless, we take the use of x-ray radiation seriously in our cosmetic dental office, and abide by stringent guidelines for their use. Additionally, we use some of the most up-to-date technology during your dental exam, which greatly minimizes the amount of radiation used. We don’t even leave the room when we take the x-rays! Our commitment to your health extends into the use of these important diagnostic tools, as well as your thorough understanding of the real risks and benefits of any and all treatment that Dr. Beshar and our staff provides. Make an appointment with your NYC dentist today! Visit us at or call 212-753-2240.