Your teeth are perhaps one of the best features of your image. We are all prone to noticing smiles and deriving joy from a smile as well. The beauty of your smile is mainly influenced by the beauty of your teeth. People with beautiful teeth tend to have beautiful smiles that brighten up everyone’s day.

On the other hand, people with crooked teeth tend to have smiles that are not aesthetically pleasing. Crooked teeth, chipped teeth, or different types of teeth that have some deformation can create a lack of confidence and create other issues.

This is why many people tend to go for dental veneers, which is an excellent way to solve functional and aesthetic issues.

Dental veneers are thin pieces of dental materials that you can put over your teeth to improve your teeth’ appearance and functionality instantaneously.

Also, porcelain veneers can protect your teeth from any threat while it is healing.

Interestingly, many people use dental veneers worldwide, and more people are increasingly purchasing this dental product. However, many people believe several myths and misconceptions about dental veneers, and of course, it is necessary to debunk these myths. 

We will discuss seven main myths about dental veneers and why they are not valid. Remember that getting veneers does not have to be a stressful or tiresome process. Here is what you must know about getting veneers and how they can be beneficial for your smile.

Myth 1: Porcelain Veneers Are Painful to Put On

It is questionable where this myth originates from, but many people seem to think that veneers are painful to put on. They believe that the dentist has to carry out several operations to put them on you. Also, the myth is that it becomes a complicated process when you try to put it on at home.

However, this myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Typically, veneers are extremely easy to put on. It doesn’t require so much time to put on, as it allows you to fasten it fast enough to go about your normal day.

Myth 2: General Dental or Porcelain Veneers are Easily Noticeable

When people search on veneers, many of them seem to search how noticeable veneers are. Understandably, this is because people popularly confuse veneers for braces. However, veneers are customized based on a person’s preference and needs. 

Dental professionals do this to conceal the presence of veneers in a person’s teeth. Since veneers were invented, technology has improved this product so much that it is virtually unnoticeable!

Myth 3: People Only Obtain Dental Veneers for Aesthetic Purposes

One of the myths associated with veneers is that many seem to think they are only used for aesthetic purposes. As such, they tend to state that people who wear them do so for vanity purposes. Also, they believe that the only people who wear them are insecure about their teeth. 

But the reality is quite different.

Veneers are not only used for cosmetic purposes. It provides several health benefits, such as protecting chipped teeth and aiding the biting mechanics of your mouth. It even assists in repairing the damaged or broken teeth. Hence, in addition to aesthetic benefits, it also provides multiple health benefits for your teeth. 

It is essential to note that cosmetic dentistry is vital in more ways than one. You will notice that cosmetic dentistry can often help with appearance and function and serves many purposes.

Myth 4: You Must Alter Your Teeth to Put Them On

This is another central myth that has been circulating among consumers for quite a while now. Many people think that the alteration of their teeth, especially the front ones, is essential when trying to put on veneers. 

This myth discourages many people from using these powerful dental tools. The fact is that when you want to put on veneers, they require little to no alteration on your dentition. The dentist needs to properly clean your teeth, understand your teeth formation and general structure and obtain the veneers that fit your mouth.

When this is done, they can easily place the veneer over any part of your teeth. It may interest you to know that many modern veneers nowadays are as slim as 0.3mm! Remember that cosmetic dentistry does not have to be scary at all!

Myth 5: Veneers Need Significant Maintenance

Another significant concern people have when they want to use veneers is that they think maintaining them will require constant attention and will be quite expensive. However, the truth is that keeping veneers is just as simple as caring for natural teeth. You need to adopt a regular brushing and flossing habit, and you’re good to go. 

If you brush and floss twice a day, as you would with natural teeth, your veneers can last as long as ten years, saving you multiple trips to the dentist during that time. If you want to preserve them even further, your dentist can recommend some special toothpaste and options for your porcelain veneers.

Myth 6:Many Think That Veneers Are Not Durable

Because of this myth, many people get discouraged from purchasing veneers. People think that veneers can easily get broken or out of place when it comes into contact with a hard surface.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. There are two types of veneers, which are porcelain and composite. Both of these are made up of sturdy materials that protect against damage and tampering.

While fracturing is indeed possible, it has only been reported in a handful of cases. Millions of other people said they have no problem with biting and chewing like they usually do. So, it is possible to snack down on your favorite nut, chocolate bar, or other hard foods without worrying about dislodging the veneer. 

Myth 7: Veneers Are Too Expensive

The final concern people have about dental veneers is that they’re too expensive to get in the first place. These individuals think that veneers cost thousands of dollars to attain, no matter how mild or severe your issue is. However, many veneers cost far less, depending on the type of material the veneer is made of and your specific condition. 

If you can’t afford porcelain veneers, then you can inquire about composite veneers. They are less expensive but arguably less quality compared to porcelain veneers.

Remember that veneers are one way to protect your teeth and improve your overall smile! It can help you gain confidence and provide you with the cosmetic and general functional appeal that you require to live your life.

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