A Facial Or Filling In NYC?At Marc J. Beshar Dentistry, we know that we can’t completely fool you. When you receive treatment at our comfortable cosmetic dental practice, you won’t actually believe you are at a plush Midtown spa relaxing with cucumbers over your eyes.

Just because we can’t recreate an identical Midtown spa experience, that doesn’t stop us from trying.

We have a full-service dental comfort menu for our Midtown cosmetic dentistry patients.

  • Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry: Choose your level of sedation for confident relaxation
  • Topical analgesic
  • A variety of media choices
  • Soft bite blocks to rest your jaw during treatment
  • Personalized attention from our healthy Marc J. Beshar Dentistry team
  • Ergonomic reclining chairs for maximum back and neck comfort
  • Rigorous infection control protocols for peace of mind

Are you in need of tooth restorations, teeth whitening, orthodontic solutions, or just a thorough dental cleaning in Midtown?

Enjoy a luxurious dental spa experience at Marc J. Beshar Dentistry without paying extra. Schedule gentle dental exam today by calling 212-753-2240.

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