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Five, four, three, two, one! Happy New Year! Holiday celebrations in New York City are nothing less than fantastic. Down to the iconic ball dropped, observed by millions around the world, to the endless festivities that happen all along Times Square – the city is the place to be. When January comes by, you will see many Americans tackling New Year’s resolutions in hopes of leaving negative habits behind. According to Times magazine, the top 3 new year’s resolutions are to lose weight, to learn something new, and to get out of debt.

Unfortunately, many people forget their oral health in their resolution lists. The mouth is the gateway to your body. In fact, people can often get sick due to a lack of oral hygiene. Start 2017 with a mindset to keep your oral health in check. Unsure about what dental solution to make for 2017? Dr. Marc Beshar shares a few resolutions that you can add to your list for the new year.

Eat Healthier For 2017-

We live in a city that is the mecca for food, making it rather difficult to stay healthy. But even with the plethora of choices, you may want to stick to the healthy ones. The overconsumption of unhealthy foods can actually contribute to tooth decay over time. Stick to foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals this upcoming year and try some healthy foods such as a banana, apple or grapes.

Foods that are rich in calcium, such as cheese, beans, milk, and broccoli, help maintain the enamel of your teeth and are delicious too. Consume foods that have plenty vitamin D because it helps the body to easily absorb calcium – equalling to strong teeth. Foods that contain vitamin C such as oranges, guava and grapefruit will strengthen your gums and reduce inflammation.

2. Quit Smoking –

The Health Department of New York enacted a law called the Smoke- Free Air Act (SFAA), where it protects the residents of harmful effects of secondhand smoke in workplaces, hospital entrances, city parks, and beaches. This act is great in reducing the negative effects of cigarette smoke in the air.

Smoking can cause fatal diseases such as pneumonia, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and other major issues. According to the American Heart Association, smoking increases blood clotting and the risk of catching a stroke, and it contributes to lung and breathing problems. This habit contributes to peripheral artery disease – poor blood flow to the arms and legs.

Did you know?
12 hours after smoking the carbon monoxide levels in your blood decreases.

3. Consuming Fluoridated Liquids Are Awesome –

According to the New York State Sanitary Code, fluoride is added to tap water to prevent tooth decay since 1964! In fact, fluoride in water cuts the chances of developing tooth decay by 25% in both adults and children. This resource is recognized as the most important nutrient for healthy teeth, and it’s commonly found in toothpaste. It’s also important for babies and children to drink fluoridated water so that their teeth can be safely strengthened throughout their development.

Did you know?
According to a study conducted by the Journal of Dental Research, 75% of adults who consumed fluoridated water had 30% less tooth decay than those who did not.

4. Make Routine Dental Visits Your Priority –

Making an appointment to the dentist 2 times a year is critical to maintaining your beautiful smile. By doing this, it will help you keep up with teeth maintenance and to catch any potential issues. You’ll even have a better chance of not developing gingivitis, oral cancer, tartar buildup! During a professional oral cleaning or exam at our office, we will fully examine your mouth to identify any health risks and will give you a personalized regimen to continue having a healthy mouth.

5. No More Alcohol –

Yes – we said it. If you limit your alcohol intake, you will have a better mood, a clearer face, and even a slimmer waistline! Sounds wonderful, right? As a matter of fact, if you consume less alcohol the risk of cancer will decrease immediately. Over time alcohol can weaken your teeth, deplete the nutrients in your system and enhance the chances of getting gum disease among other issues.

Did you know?
Alcohol is also one of the top 3 contributing factors to oral cancer.

6. Flossing Is Your Best friend –

According to, one-third of Americans never floss. In fact, 32.4% of Americans over the age of 30 never floss! Flossing is considered one of the top factors that will keep your oral health in tip-top shape.

For 2017, make it a routine to stick to flossing in between your teeth every day. Therefore, bacteria and plaque that lingers in hard-to-reach places will be removed and your smile will remain bright. If you don’t remove the bacteria that is within the crevices of the mouth, it can lead to tartar buildup and oral complications.

This is also a perfect New Year’s resolution for children to take on too – it’s recommended for children to start flossing as soon as they have teeth that touch.

Contact Our Office –

These resolutions are easy to begin and provide amazing benefits. Let 2017 be the year that your oral health is on the forefront of your priorities! Use the suggestions stated above and begin the new year with a new you and a new smile! If you have any further questions about proper oral techniques, don’t hesitate to call our office 212.753.2240 and speak to Dr. Marc J. Beshar.

From Dr. Marc J. Beshar and staff, happy holiday!

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