NYC Dental Implant Surgery for Missing Teeth

Whenever an individual enters a room and flashes a beautiful, shining smile, it has the innate ability to light up the room and create a pleasurable atmosphere. A great smile provides added self-confidence to a person, and nothing can compare to the feeling of showing off your pearly whites with pride. However, if you have gaps in your teeth because they are missing or some other serious concern with your teeth, you may not have that confidence or pride in your smile.

At Marc J. Beshar in Midtown Manhattan, NYC, we understand the challenges of having gaps in your smile and want to help our patients get the confidence back in their smiles. Our office is happy to offer exceptional NYC dental implants as part of a complete treatment plan for patients who are in need of filling a gap or strengthening weaker teeth.

Restore Missing Natural Teeth in the Upper West Side with Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant technology provides an easier and more effective way to create fresh and healthy smiles for patients missing any teeth. Filling in the gaps is also excellent for improving your oral health. Dental implants can be used to replace one tooth that is missing or multiple teeth, and for some, it may be a better option than traditional bridgework and is completely unlike dentures.

In the dental implant procedure, the tooth implants are fixed into your lower or upper jaw bone (depending on where the implant site is located), acting like the root of your replacement teeth. That may sound invasive, but there is actually very little discomfort or chair time for dental implants at our office near Lincoln Center and Columbus Circle in New York, NY.

Why Opt for New Tooth Implants

By choosing new teeth dental implants, you are choosing health. These dental implants (multiple or single tooth implants) will help prevent bone loss, additional tooth loss in the adjacent teeth, periodontal disease in the remaining natural teeth, and more. Midtown dental implant dentist and American Dental Association certified oral surgeon Dr. Marc Beshar has over 20 years of dental implant experience, and he has developed methods that allow us to minimize trauma so that healing can occur more quickly even when performing multiple implants.

Dr. Beshar is unique in that he can perform all three necessary procedures–dental implant placement, abutment, and restoration (tooth/crown)–ensuring correct tooth placement and a beautiful result. By placing the restorations as well, sometimes immediately, Dr. Beshar makes sure your dental implants will be as strong as your own teeth and just as beautiful. you will begin seeing the health benefits very quickly after the healing process has been completed.

Almost Painless Dental Implants in New York City!

Most patients in Manhattan tell us that the dental implant placement experience (and our other dental work) was far better than they expected. We routinely hear responses like “It was painless”, “It was a breeze” and “It was easier than a filling.” Much of this comes from the personal care dental implant dentist Dr. Beshar provides to each patient. Check out our patient testimonials to read more about the dental care they received and what our restorative dentistry practice can do for you to ensure you have healthy gums and other teeth.

Who Can Get Dental Implants?

With the only limitation of these dental implants being the lack of bone structure in the jaw, there has not been a better time to look into this procedure. Dr. Beshar also specializes in a number of different bone graft options, a way of building backbone support where it is needed for the remaining teeth and to help prevent implant failure. Patients are surprised at how comfortable these dental services are.

We recommend you look into dental implants if:

  • You are looking for a tooth replacement for a missing tooth (or missing teeth)
  • You have been frustrated spending time and money on your natural teeth that are weak and failing, which also deteriorates dental health
  • You are uncomfortable with the thought of dentures or other removable artificial tooth solutions
  • You are able to pass our detailed Dental Implant Screening Exam which qualifies you as a candidate for this treatment.

We have created a website specifically about dental implants that may help answer more questions such as:

Contact Our Team for Expert Dental Implants in New York

If you are suffering from unsightly gaps in your smile caused by a lack of your own teeth, you may be a candidate for dental implants. Contact the dental office of Marc J. Beshar in New York City to find out more about what dental implants require if dental insurance will cover the procedure, and what dental implants cost. Although the dental implant cost is not inexpensive, it is more than worth the investment to have a bright, shining smile that you can be proud of no matter where you go or who you may meet.

Dr. Marc J. Beshar is an expert in the dental arts, including implant dentistry, and considers your oral health a top priority. Oral health is connected to so many other aspects of your overall well-being, so our dental team is committed to providing you the best possible dental care. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and find out if implants are the right permanent solution to your dental issue.

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