NYC Oral Cancer Screening Detection and Diagnosis

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According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, 36,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer each year in the United States alone. Oral cancer lives in the tissues of the mouth, lips, or throat and is found in people of all ages. If oral cancer is diagnosed and treated early, it is highly curable. However, because it can be hard to detect it can often go unnoticed in its early stages.

At his Midtown dental office next to Central Park, Dr. Beshar and his hygienists routinely perform an oral cancer screening at your regular check ups. To supplement these screenings, they now offer a more in-depth procedure using VELscope. VELscope is a cutting edge hand-held technology that provides a non-invasive method to detect hidden oral disease.

How the VELscope Works

The VELscope handpiece emits a safe blue light into the mouth, painlessly exciting the tissue and causing it to fluoresce. Typically, healthy tissue appears as a bright apple-green glow, while suspicious regions appear dark. The clinician is able to view the different fluorescence responses to help differentiate between normal and abnormal tissue.

When used in combination with traditional oral cancer screening procedures, VELscope facilitates the early discovery of abnormalities, including oral cancer. Dr. Beshar simply views the inside of your mouth through the the special VELscope lens. In one or two minutes, with no rinses or stains required, a VELscope examination helps NYC dentist Dr. Beshar assess his patients’ oral health.

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