Second Opinions About Dental Treatment Options NYC

Get Expert Opinion in the Upper West Side

Manhattan dentist Dr. Beshar in Midtown cares about your health and wants you to look and feel your best, even if you choose to see another dentist. Because many patients desire validation of their restorative dentistry treatment by an expert, we offer to provide a second opinion in regards to your dental treatment options.

With all of the different oral treatments available, we know you can be unsure about whether what is being suggested is the right choice. Dr. Beshar can help you make an educated decision by listening to you, reviewing your concerns and questions, and then taking the time to explain the pros and cons of each treatment option you may be considering as well as the risks and benefits of not having treatment at all.

Dental Peace of Mind

In many cases, the treatment from your original dentist is the right one. This second opinion is offered with no obligation that you receive the treatment from Dr. Beshar instead. We want you to make the right choice in your dental care, so you feel confident that you’re receiving the best treatment for your teeth and mouth. With his breadth of knowledge, in-depth training, and extensive experience, Manhattan dentist Dr. Beshar will engage with you so you can make a confident and informed choice.

For only $149, we offer a second opinion service. This gives you a full 30-minute session in our Midtown NYC office with Manhattan dentist Dr. Marc Beshar to discuss whether a dental treatment recommended by someone else is right for you. Schedule a second opinion appointment today!

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