Second Opinions About Dental Treatment Options NYC

Get an Expert Opinion in the Upper West Side

Manhattan dentist Dr. Beshar cares about your health and wants you to look and feel your best. Because many patients desire validation of their restorative dentistry treatment by an expert, we offer to provide a second opinion regarding your treatment options. Major dental procedures can do wonders for your oral health.

Healthy teeth and gums are important to your well-being. But, so is feeling good about your healthcare decisions. This is why a second opinion is one of our services.


Value of a Dental Second Opinion

Many dental patients like to see a specialist after their general dentist informs them they need an expensive procedure, like a root canal. With all of the different oral treatments available, we know you can be unsure whether what is being suggested is the right choice. 

Doctor Beshar can help you make an educated decision by listening to you, reviewing your concerns and questions, and then explaining the pros and cons of each treatment option, as well as the risks and benefits of not having treatment at all.

A fresh perspective is valuable in several cases:

  • Your dentist diagnosed a major health problem like oral cancer
  • You had dental work that isn’t fixing the problem
  • You’ve been advised to get a root canal or implants.
  • You are concerned about the cost of a procedure.

Have a second dentist take a look and verify that recommendation or recommend something else.

Often, major dental work is unavoidable, but dentists aren’t always right. You can talk to us about an alternative plan. You may also want another dentist to confirm a cancer diagnosis or another serious problem. If you’ve been advised to get braces or implants, our office will be able to take another look and either confirm that recommendation or suggest another course of action.

It can be hard to know how to respond when serious dental health problems emerge. Do you need dental implants? Do you need to have teeth pulled? Do you need another cosmetic dentistry procedure that your current dentist recommends? Don’t be afraid to seek another perspective on a treatment plan.


Dental Health History

Patients in New York City who want another look at a diagnosis of oral cancer or a recommended procedure are invited to contact our dental office. Your primary dentist knows about your dental health history, but their first opinion is only that. While he or she knows your history, a new dentist offers the advantage of a fresh perspective. Dentists often disagree for valid reasons.

To one dentist, a patient may need some procedure. Another dentist may agree or may point to an alternative. Your current provider may recommend a bridge, which seems like an expensive step to take. A second dentist might confirm the patient needs a bridge.

Your dental health is too important not to get a second view and make an informed decision about whether to get a procedure. You might want to get a second dentist’s perspective before making any major decision.


Dental Peace of Mind

Talking with another expert can confirm what you were told or offer another valid option. Ask them for a recommendation if you feel unsure about the validity of what you were told. Talk to friends. Call a local dental school and ask them if someone will consult on the diagnosis. Or, you can make an appointment with Dr. Beshar’s office.

In many cases, the original recommendation might be right. This second opinion is offered with no obligation that you receive the treatment from Doctor Beshar instead. We want you to make the right choice in your dental care so you feel confident that you’re receiving the best option for your teeth and mouth.

With his breadth of knowledge, in-depth training, and extensive experience, Manhattan dentist Doctor Beshear will engage with you so you can make a confident and informed choice. Getting another opinion before paying for major dental work should be good for your peace of mind.

Dental care requires some expert judgment. Don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion for dental work. If the procedure you were recommended turns out to be a good idea, or if you seek a second opinion on your doctor’s plan, our dentists can help.

Contact Us Before Getting Dental Work

Let us be your New York City second opinion dentist. We encourage you to get a second opinion on dental work is a good way to explore options, achieve peace of mind, and possibly save some money. The American Dental Association hasn’t created firm rules on when a second opinion for dental work is necessary, so getting one is more about feeling comfortable.

For only $195, we offer a second opinion service. 

This gives you a full 30-minute session in our Midtown NYC office with Manhattan dentist Doctor Marc Beshar to get a second opinion for dental work recommended by someone else. Schedule a second opinion appointment today!

We look forward to seeing you and possibly having you as a patient!

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