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Zoom! Whitening Dentist Manhattan

Are you bothered by yellow teeth or teeth discoloration? Dreaming of an unforgettably white and healthy smile? Dr. Beshar, an NYC dentist in Manhattan, offers the best teeth whitening treatment at our Midtown dental office.

The most common cosmetic dental procedure, teeth whitening, is both affordable and effective. We have both in-office and at-home treatment options for whitening teeth so that you can take control of your tooth whitening process. Your smile will look and feel healthy, beautiful, and memorable.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening System

zoom! teeth whitening in manhattan

The Zoom! procedure is a popular, effective, and fast teeth whitening process. This is an in-office tooth whitening system designed for quick and startling results. In as little as one hour, your smile will be brighter and your confidence higher. Zoom laser teeth whitening is a perfect solution for busy individuals who want quick results without the hassle of at-home tooth treatments.

How Zoom! Works

Zoom uses a combination of gel and a specialized laser to destroy stains in one whitening session. It works on the enamel layer of your natural teeth. If you have a crown that matches your old color, you may want to get a new one to match your whiter smile.

Keep in mind that the Zoom process will eliminate stains but does not keep teeth white. Zoom is not a way to correct poor oral hygiene either. Inadequate brushing and certain foods will cause staining.

No tooth whitener can have permanent results. To keep your bright smile, you need a daily oral health routine that includes brushing and flossing every day. You should also limit your sugar intake. 

If you have dental restorations, you’ll want to keep using specialized toothpaste to protect them. Finally, you cannot neglect professional cleanings. These steps will keep your teeth bright and healthy.

And, don’t smoke. You can smoke 48 hours after treatment, but cigarette smoke will still cause tooth discoloration over time. Limit your intake of coffee, tea, and red wine as well.

Teeth Whitening Toothpastes – Options

Many diet and lifestyle choices discolor your teeth over time. Teeth can become yellow from smoking or chewing tobacco. Coffee, tea, and wine create more surface stains over time. A diet high in sugar or simple carbohydrates can yellow the teeth as well. 

It is easier to prevent stains than to remove them, but modern life guarantees that teeth stains develop. Those facts drive demand for products that remove stains and whiten teeth at home.

Companies promise fast teeth whitening results at home. Whitening toothpaste, whitening pens, kits, gums, mouth rinses, and strips abound. The toothpaste uses a whitening agent, mild abrasive, or hydrogen peroxide, a bleaching agent.

Home teeth whitening kits use hydrogen peroxide, LED lights, or whitening gels containing carbamide peroxide to attack stains. The whitening gel in these kits can produce good results in 10 to 20 days. The kits can work on milder tooth stains for people who don’t have sensitive teeth. A home whitening kit is relatively cheap, though. Some dental offices offer in-office bleaching sessions.

Individuals try these at-home teeth whiteners as an easy way to get a whiter smile. These over-the-counter products have potential, but your best results won’t come from using some gum and toothpaste.

You want to have healthy teeth and gums before doing an at-home procedure like tooth bleaching or gel whitening. Plaque and gum irritation isn’t going to be affected by whitening products either. Neither is gum disease, which can get worse.

Some DIY teeth whitening products produce limited results while being cheap and easy to use. Strips whitened teeth by two to four shades in one case. Teeth whitening toothpaste that uses mild abrasives is probably no better. A 2017 study sponsored by the American Dental Association found no evidence that charcoal works, though other products can remove surface stains.

Home teeth whiteners all have some disadvantages, such as causing pain and tooth sensitivity. Many people don’t do this. You will have to use messy gel and put “trays” of the gel over your teeth all night for a week or more. The kits can be messy and are always inconvenient to use. Tooth whitening treatments cannot remove the discoloration caused by tooth decay.

Why spend three weeks applying whitening strips and using specialized toothpaste to whiten your teeth? Consider our fast and easy laser treatment. A quick visit to the dentist’s office can erase years of discoloration from smoking, decades of coffee drinking, and other sources with laser whitening.

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