White Fillings
for Cavities and Tooth Decay

Dental Fillings in the Upper West Side

Dr. Beshar, in Manhattan, NYC, uses new laser technologies in his Midtown dental office to identify cavities and decay in non-filled teeth. This laser light allows Dr. Beshar and his staff to accurately measure the decay so the tooth can be properly repaired. It also helps you, our patient to “see” if you have cavities. At Marc J Beshar Dentistry, conveniently located near Lincoln Center and Columbus Circle, you can have your tooth filled with white dental fillings.

These are tooth-colored dental fillings which are virtually undetectable. Not only are these white dental fillings aesthetically pleasing, they are mercury free—demonstrating our commitment to your oral health.

When the time comes to replace your old silver dental fillings, think of us. We’ll provide you with a white dental filling matching your current tooth color. You’ll be happy with the look of natural teeth and grateful for the healthier, stronger material we use.

What are the advantages to white dental fillings?

There are many reasons to select tooth colored dental fillings, namely:

  • White dental fillings are safer. They are made from composite material, free of mercury, which cures more solid providing less chance of breakage.
  • A white dental filling is more aesthetically pleasing. Your mouth will look and feel healthier.
  • Tooth-colored dental fillings bond with your natural teeth which actually makes the tooth stronger.

When do I use a white dental filling?

White dental fillings have dramatically improved over the last decade. Most patients opt for the white dental filling when they need a cavity filled. After the safe removal of the traditional silver dental filling, Manhattan dentist Dr. Beshar will replace it with a white, tooth-colored filling. Patients are amazed at how beautiful their mouth can look after removing the unsightly silver, and replacing it with natural color.

Need a cavity filled or filling replaced?