Comprehensive Exams For Complete Oral Health New York, NY

A regular dental exam is a must if you want to maintain good dental health. If you have not visited a dentist in over six months, you should consider calling Dr. Beshar Dentistry for your dental exam.

Why Choose Dr. Beshar Dentistry For Dental Exam In New York

First, our team wants you to feel and look your best where your mouth and teeth are concerned. That is why we offer a comprehensive dental exam to every patient who walks through our doors.

The dental examinations are conducted in our NYC office, Manhattan. Our office neighbors Columbus Circle and Lincoln Center.

We start by gathering your history, checking and replacing any dental fillings, and listening to your concerns and goals on your dental health.

After thoroughly examining your oral makeup and structures, we highlight the problem areas and provide solutions for all of them. 

Whether you are fighting gum disease or cavities, we have more than enough treatment options for you.

Dr. Beshar will review your dental exam results with you and answer all your questions. The goal is to make you understand how habits and genetics affect your oral health. 

A dental hygienist may also be present to highlight practices you can embrace to ensure optimal dental health.

We do not just focus on the negative points. Our dentist will highlight what you are doing right so that you can continue doing it with confidence.

Even if you have major teeth problems, it is never too late to make things right. The good thing is that Our New York office offers numerous options for teeth restoration, so you have nothing to worry about.

We Test In Line With The National Board Dental Examination

We understand the importance of an in-depth dental exam for every patient. Only when you know your weak points can you take appropriate measures to prevent problems in the future.

Dr. Beshar focuses on genetic risk assessment in five key areas for all patients. The points of exploration include:


The dentist starts by getting your medical history before doing a thorough oral screening for cancer. We use advanced Veloscope technology that will detect cancer in the early stages of oral pathology.

A medical test also comes with complete intra-oral radiographs that can come in handy in dental emergencies.


Are your joints healthy? What is your chewing ability? Dr. Beshar or any of our dentists will do a Joint exam to determine this and more. An ultrasound that will detect any changes in joint structure will be carried out at this point.

A dentist will then assess your bite, chewing, clenching, and grinding ability.


What are the chances that you will maintain healthy teeth for life?

Tooth loss is among the biggest problems most people encounter in old age. This doesn’t have to be your story.

Our dentists or dental assistants will do some depth probing on your periodontal pocket and measure any recession. We also assess any tissue inflammation as this helps us know what measures to put to minimize damage. At this point, we will also ask if you have a history of gum disease.


Is there any tooth decay or infection on gums?

A dental assistant will conduct a visual inspection of your teeth. X-rays may also be recommended depending on the extent of the damage.

In case of visible infection, the dentist will recommend immediate infection control. We also measure the depth of your tooth grooves using laser during biomechanical testing.


It is no secret that a beautiful smile will enhance your beauty. When you come to our New York office, we will discuss your aesthetic concerns and workable solutions to give you that perfect smile you desire.

Other features of our cosmetic test include:

  • 20 cosmetic photographs
  • Tooth length measurement
  • Record of your teeth shade

Get A Comprehensive Treatment Plan In Our New York Office

After a comprehensive dental test, Dr, Beshar sits with a team of experts to discuss the information captured by the test. These experts include an endodontist, oral surgeon, periodontist, dental hygienist, and dental assistants to draw a proper treatment plan.

On your next appointment, a dentist or dental assistant will do a case presentation highlighting the problems and solutions in line with your goals. We will also go over the costs, insurance benefits, timing & care.

We will also send an email with details of subsequent visits and our requirements if you need emergency services.

Come to Dr. Beshar Dentistry For The Best Services In New York

We consider ourselves the office of the professions where dental examination in New York State is concerned. Everyone from our dental assistants to our dentists has been through dental school, completed their training program, and met other licensure requirements.

We ensure that dentists in our team have passed the National Board Dental Examination as per the state’s requirements. Our dental assistants also meet all examination requirements set by New York State Education Department in Dentistry.

For a comprehensive dental exam in New York State, make an appointment with Dr. Beshar Dentistry. You can also visit our practice at25 Central Park W #1C (The Century Bldg at 62nd St) New York, NY 10023 within our working hours for a check-up.

Make an appointment with Midtown dentist Dr. Marc Beshar today in our Manhattan NYC office for a comprehensive dental examination.

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