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A bite adjustment procedure, also known as malocclusion adjustment, sounds like quite a complicated procedure; however, it can be a painless, quick, and simple procedure in most cases. A bite adjustment is necessary after removing braces to correct any minor interferences that prevent the teeth from properly coming together.

Other times, teeth may not align at the same height, and two or three teeth end up touching before the other teeth when making a bite, causing bite misalignment. Lucky for you, Marc J. Beshar Dentistry is here to provide the best solutions in the market, leaving you feeling not only comfortable when eating but ensuring you can smile without feeling self-conscious. We have a customized treatment plan for each client to ensure the solution is unique to their needs.

Can A Dentist Adjust Your Bite Through Dental Bite Treatment?

Dentists at Marc J. Beshar Dentistry can easily adjust your bite problem. At the office, a dentist will ask you to bite down on a piece of articulating paper. After biting down on the special paper, it leaves colored marks at the point your teeth come together. 

This allows the dentist to spot exactly where your teeth touch to file these areas gently, thus reducing pressure. The paper also helps us custom-make an Invisalign to help create a perfect smile for you.

The process will continue for a short while until the dentist gets your bite in line. It’s a painless procedure with only some slight discomfort due to the sensitivity of the teeth.

Open Bite Correction In NYC

An open bite is a kind of malocclusion where the teeth do not align appropriately once the jaws are closed, causing a misalignment that necessitates an Invisalign. Open bites not only affect a patient’s smile appearance and pose difficulty cleaning but may also have side effects that cause speaking problems such as lisps.

Contact may also exist in the lower and upper aligner trays, and this causes a contraction of the muscles that form a brace. The contraction can prove extremely painful, which means the jaw joints could pop, click or lock. In severe cases, open bites may lead to sleep apnea characterized by the patient’s upper airway blockage while sleeping, medically known as obstructive sleep apnea.

The solution to an open bite tooth will depend on the cause and age of the affected. You can correct the open bite without having to seek formal treatments or dental work in some instances. In that case, an open bite may correct itself during the definition stage or once a child loses their baby teeth in exchange for arranged adult teeth.

Health Issues That May Cause an Open Bite

Some health issues such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) may also develop an open bite. TMJ characterizes itself through chronic jaw pain. The TMJ syndrome affects the nerves and jaw muscles and is often a result of inflammation or injury. 

Dr. Beshar explains that patients often use their tongue to reposition their jaw in search of comfort, leading to open bite. Apart from TMJ, some patients develop an open bite as a result of gum disease.

If the problems, however, persist past adult teeth or come as a result of an external issue, then you will require a dental visit with Dr. Beshar to fix your open bite in one of the following ways:

  • Clear aligners and braces.

Clear aligners and braces are an open bite treatment for both adults and children; they must be worn for extended periods in a day for effectiveness. They slowly work to cause the teeth to shift and eventually align.

  • Bite blocks

Bite blocks are two pieces of wire or plastic used to attend to the anterior open bites and treat them. The method works best for kid patients that have not yet developed all the adult teeth. Once you wear a bite block, the wire or plastic will help move the teeth back while removing the space between the upper and lower jaw.

  • Roller Appliances

Roller appliances consist of braces connected with a small bead; the braces are attached to a molar on either side of the upper jaw. The appliances are an excellent option for children to wear as treatment since they prevent the tongue muscles from pressing against the patient’s teeth.

  • Surgery

In the few persistent or severe cases of health deterioration, a patient may require restorative surgery to resolve the bite. Patients whose dental problem only affects the upper east side of the jaw, braces, and other external treatments may not be appropriate to correct this kind of malocclusion. Instead of a thorough surgery, the doctor repositions the jaw joint and uses metal plates and screws to secure it in place.

How Much Does A Bite Adjustment Cost In NYC?

The cost of a bite adjustment will depend on the amount of work needed to solve your smile problem. Some bite issues are more advanced and require extra dental treatments, while others are just mild. 

What is the best treatment for an open bite?

There isn’t a uniform treatment for open bites because no two cases are the same. Therefore, the best cause of action you can take for an open bite or any dental problem as such is seeking medical advice from our team of qualified dentists in NYC on your specific situation. 

Seek quality medical attention as early as you notice the issues in your appearance or bite to prevent it from any other dental-related disease such as gum bleeding. 

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