NYC Optimal Bites Help Teeth Last Longer

Bite Treatment By Expert NYC Dentist in the Upper West Side

NYC dentist Dr. Marc Beshar, near Midtown Manhattan, incorporates proper function into all of his restorative dentistry work. In addition to creating beautiful restorations, Dr. Beshar assesses the bite and plans the treatment for minimal wear and maximal comfort. In each examination, Dr. Beshar evaluates your bite to look for areas which may become problematic if left untreated.

Minor bite problems and daily wear and tear can take its toll on your smile. The goal at our office near Lincoln Center and Columbus Circle is to diagnose and correct any areas of excessive wear before painful and expensive treatments are needed. Dr. Beshar uses his knowledge of functional dentistry to reach your optimal bite. This includes an evaluation of your jaw joints, muscles, and teeth.

The goal is to diagnose and these bite problems early and prescribe the appropriate bite treatment. Dr. Beshar’s Manhattan patients benefit by feeling more comfortable, keeping their teeth for their lifetime, and treating the bite before excess wear occurs.

If you’re having problems with your bite, NYC dentist Dr. Marc Beshar can help. Contact our Midtown dental office today to discuss your bite treatment options.

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