NYC Broadway Theatrical Dentistry for Character Teeth

Backwards Dentistry in Manhattan’s Upper West Side for Theatrical Performances

dental-theatrical-dentistryDr Beshar’s dental skill has long been appreciated by patients for his porcelain veneers procedure throughout New York City and even Broadway has taken notice.

Rather than correcting or enhancing beautiful and healthy smiles however, Broadway productions ask Dr. Beshar to “do dentistry backwards.” For numerous on- and off-Broadway performances, Dr. Beshar has been commissioned to create dental appliances for character teeth with missing, broken, and crooked teeth to better reflect the characters being performed. From vampire fang veneers to nearly toothless grins, actors have been transformed through Dr. Beshar’s skilled un-cosmetic treatments.

Dr Beshar was assigned to transform the entire cast by creating their fangs in the Broadway show, “Dracula”. He made his own set and was photographed as a vampire on opening night on the red carpet!

beshar-gentlemansguidetoloveandmurderThe latest commission was for “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” opening on Broadway November 2013. Tony® winner Jefferson Mays (I Am My Own Wife, Gore Vidal’s The Best Man) plays all eight doomed heirs who meet their ends in the most creative and hilarious ways, one of which needed to look a bit “uncultured”, shall we say. Check out the rave reviews here.

dental-theatrical-dentistry-john-lithgow3His work as a Broadway dentist has directed him to be a celebrity dentist also. Dr. Beshar worked with TV and film star John Lithgow in the Broadway hit, “All My Sons”. Here he was challenged to give his client the character teeth of a man who had grown up poor, but his strong type-A personality made him a successful businessman. John Lithgow’s image was transformed after NYC celebrity dentist Dr. Beshar made him a snap-in appliance to insert on stage that gave him the worn and crooked teeth of a stressed out tooth-grinder.

In the classic play “Guys and Dolls” Dr. Beshar was responsible for “knocking out the front teeth” on Lauren Graham of TV’s Gilmore Girls while she sang “A bushel and a Peck” as a country bumpkin missing a few teeth. Don’t worry, her beautiful smile was back after the show was over!

dental-theatrical-dentistry-2Theatrical dentistry requires creativity and artistry to make the right character teeth for the part. Dr. Beshar enjoys how the same skills that allow him to help thousands of patients have perfect smiles can also be used to have Broadway have the best imperfect smiles on stage. If we can make Dracula’s fangs look real, think what we can do for you.

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