NYC TMJ Treatment to Help With Chewing Problems

Treating TMJ / TMD in the Upper West Side

TMJ Disorder (TMJ or TMD) is a problem involving the Temporomandibular joint and the muscles used in chewing. Sometimes this joint and the surrounding muscles can become irritated and inflamed. Though the causes of TMJ (stress, tooth grinding, missing teeth or a misaligned bite) can vary, the common results of TMJ are neck pain, chewing problems, lock-jaw, or severe headaches.

Dr. Beshar, a dentist in Midtown, offers sleep apnea and tmj treatment in his Manhattan NYC office. He performs a thorough evaluation to discover the causes of TMD and discusses the different TMJ treatment options available for you. His invention, the “Beshar Deprogrammer”, is a low cost appliance that helps to diagnose your TMJ problem at our office, conveniently located near Lincoln Center and Columbus Circle. You may be quickly relieved of your pain or discomfort and therefore be confident that completing TMJ treatment is right for you.

As a dentist in Midtown, Dr. Beshar has many years of advanced education and teaches other dentists in the treatment of TMD and TMJ treatment and therapy. He evaluates the TM joint in each patient as they come in to the office to ensure they are receiving the ultimate care.

If you suspect you may be having problems with your TMJ, contact our Manhattan dental office today for TMJ treatment options.

Dr. Marc Beshar is a clinical instructor for the prestigious Kois Center.

His case with the Beshar Deprogrammer was published in the highly respected dental publication, “The Compendium.” Dr. Beshar was able to treat a phobic patient with jaw issues and recreate a gorgeous smile for her.

Stop the pain your jaw is causing now!