NYC Sedation Dentistry Helps You Relax and Reduces Anxiety

Relieve Dental Anxiety in Upper West Side

Fear and anxiety can keep many patients from exploring the different treatment options available to help their smile reach their full potential. Luckily, for Manhattan dental patients near Midtown, Dr. Beshar is highly trained in the science of sedation dentistry.

Although sometimes called “sleep dentistry”, sedation dentistry doesn’t typically make you unconscious; instead it relaxes you, helping you to remain calm and pain-free while you receive iv sedation. The medication is extremely safe and has an amnesic effect; you will remember very little after the procedure, so it is the perfect solution for fearful patients at our office, conveniently located near Lincoln Center and Columbus Circle.

What are my sedation dentistry options?

Just coming into our inviting, warm, and comfortable Midtown NYC dental office is relaxing—we strive to maintain a low-stress environment for all of our patients. However, for those whose anxiety may be a little higher, we offer the following sedation dentistry techniques to help you relax:

Don’t let fear keep you from having the smile you deserve. Sedation dentistry is becoming increasing popular as it allows patients to take steps to having the beautiful, healthy smile they’ve always wanted. Midtown sedation dentist Dr. Marc Beshar has many years experience in providing conscious sedation services to dental patients throughout Manhattan.

Give Manhattan sedation dentist Dr. Marc Beshar a call in our NYC office today to discuss your sedation dentistry needs.

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